Cecilia Ferron is a certified

                  creative mentor,

                  teacher and violinist,

                  who for over 10 years

                  has guided others to transform

                  their relationships with themselves.

 Under the tutelage of Julia Levitan Torgovitskaya, Cecilia is certified by iCadenza, a renowned coaching program known for its innovative strategic solutions for musicians, artists and creatives. Fueled by an insatiable curiosity about what makes a life thrive, Cecilia has helped tens of people revolutionize their relationship with themselves in such a way that they transform their careers, relationships with others, connect with their inner genius, and strengthen their confidence. Cecilia is sought out for her warm, direct, and very authentic style of mentoring and teaching.

  • Lab Of Joy

    Cecilia is a wonderful teacher!
    In the sessions I had with her, she was attentive, playful and, most importantly, adapted our work together, to my needs.
    She was able to create an atmosphere of joy and inquiry, and whenever she sensed a block in me (in my case it was my inability to follow the rhythm), she gently introduced movements that inspired my confidence in overcoming those obstacles.
    I highly recommend Cecile as a guide in the process of finding one's channel of expression, whether through movement, voice or music.

    Cecile , Author

  • Lab Of Joy

    Cecilia holds and leads a healing space to connect to the heart through body and mind.
    She offered an oasis to help me navigate through some turbulent days.

    Mairi , Musician

  • Lab Of Joy

    Cecilia was a present and safe guide in proposing the practices of the Lab of Joy, always staying discreet and leaving everyone the necessary space to express themselves during the event.
    I hope to be able to take part to a new session of the Lab of Joy soon.

    Thank you Cecilia for your professionalism and your welcome!

    Roberta , Musician