The Core of Joy

In The Core of Joy, you’ll find the tools needed to transform the relationship you have with yourself and to create the life your deserve.



The Core of Joy

Expect monthly virtual Live Presentations plus Q&A with Cecilia, along with access to her courses, blueprints, workbooks and live masterclasses. Already there are copious amounts of trainings awaiting you, with more to come each month. Whether you are lost, succesfull, or going through a hart time, you will have plenty of resources to help you.


Our monthly time together, recorded and archived for you. Q+A and special guest experts to help you evolve and transform your relationship with yourself.


All Access: Includes every course, blueprint, masterclass plus more. You’ll find ground-breaking strategies and techniques to elevate your inner skills


Along with the video, audio, and written content, there's a lot of practical advice on how to integrate your insights and new skills to your life.


An array of teachings that show you how to identify and change your subconscious patterns and the conditioning that led to them.


All the content found inside The Core of Joy share a common goal: to elevate your life to the next level. You'll find a lot of material to work on your present.


Join the membership’s private Facebook group where you can connect with other members, share experiences and receive more resources from Cecilia.

What's included


Unlocking your worth

Stepping into action

Creative Impact Guidelines


Enrolling others in your vision 

Leadership and Mentoring



Setting off, the desire to move towards your dream

Tools preparation

Contamplating (the draft)

The vision. Creativity in action

Unleash your inner potential

and more!

  • Lab Of Joy

    "I joined the Core of Joy with high hopes, but what I experienced was beyond my wildest expectations. The journey from setting off towards my dream to the concrete realization of my vision was nothing short of transformative. This program helped me unlock my hidden talents and gave me the tools I needed to succeed. I'm forever grateful for the guidance and support provided. - Sarah M."


  • Lab Of Joy

    "The Core of Joy is a treasure trove of resources and inspiration. From preparing our tools to contemplation and materialization of the vision, every step of the journey is filled with valuable insights. Cecilia's guidance and the incredible community of like-minded individuals have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. I can't recommend this program enough. - Alex D."


  • Lab Of Joy

    "For anyone seeking to empower their creative vision and bring it to life, the Core of Joy is the ultimate destination. The program doesn't just focus on theoretical concepts; it guides you through the practical steps needed to realize your dreams. Through this journey, I've found clarity, creativity, and a supportive community that shares my passion. Thank you, Cecilia, for making this transformation possible. - Emma R."


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The Core of Joy Membership is a safe place for poeple to evolve, and learn the skills necessary for a healthy, fulfilling lifes, beginning with the relationship with themselves. Whether you're at the begin or already on your discovery path, you’ll find content here to support you.

The membership is offered at a rate of €27.50 per month (€330 billed annually) or €36 per month (billed monthly). We accept Visa, Paypal, Mastercard, American Express. We are unable to accept cash.

You’ll receive a welcome email within 1 hour of your login details. The Core of Joy is an evolving library of content - begin exploring where you feel called. Each month Cecilia will add new content, and you can join Cecilia for live monthly sessions where she'll dive deep into a relevant topic and answer your pre-submitted questions.

Yes. The Facebook group is created to foster community and friendship among members. Cecilia will be checking in daily to offer support and share resources relevant to the relationship with yourself and inner development. The link to join the Facebook group can be found in the Member’s Portal and in your welcome email.

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